112 Craft Beers On Tap

We have 112 beers on tap at all time at Hopjacks and we still wish we had more because there is just so much amazing craft beer out there. We rotate new and exciting beers along with seasonal and specialties all the time.

Our draft beer menu is changed every week on Friday so make sure to come by and see what's new!

Abita Purple Haze 4.2%LAFruit$4.50
Anderson Valley Barney Flats 11oz 5.8%CAOatmeal Stout$5.50
Anderson Valley Brut IPA 11oz 6.5%CABrut/IPA$3.00
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose 11oz 4.2%CAGose$5.50
Anderson Valley Cherry Gose 11oz 4.2%CAGose$5.50
Angry Orchard 5%MACider$4.75
Back Forty Beach Cat 4%ALGolden Ale$4.00
Bell's 2 Hearted 7%MIAmerican IPA$4.75
Blue Moon 5.4%COWitbier$4.75
Boulevard Tank 7 11oz 8.5%MIBelgian Saison$6.25
Burnt Hickory Big Shanty 11oz 9%GAImperial Stout$6.00
Church Street Brimstone IPA 11oz 6.4%ILAmerican IPA$4.75
Church Street Heavenly Helles 11oz 5.4%ILLager$4.75
Ciderboys Peach 5%WICider$4.75
Ciderboys Raspberry 5%WICider$4.50
Ciderboys Strawberry 5%WICider$4.75
Ciderboy Tiki Colada 5%WICider$4.75
Cigar City Maduro 5.5%FLEnglish Brown$6.50
Coppertail Freedive 5.9&FLAmerican IPA$4.75
Collective Arts Life In The Clouds 6.1%ONHazy IPA$5.75
Collective Arts Jam Up The Mash 11oz 5.2%ONAmerican Wild Ale$7.00
Collective Arts Ransack The Universe 11oz 6.8%ONAmerican IPA$4.00
Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction 5.5%ONEnglish Porter$5.25
Delirium Noel 4oz 10%BELBel Strong Dark$4.00
Dogfish Dragons & Yum Yums 11oz 6.5%DEAmerican Pale Ale$5.50
Elysian Dragon's Tooth 11oz 8.5%WAOatmeal Stout$5.00
Elysian Space Dust 8.2%WAAmerican IPA$6.25
Founders Backwoods 4oz 11.2%MIScotch Ale$3.25
Founders Curmudgeon's Better Half 4oz 12.7%MIEnglish Old Ale$3.25
Founders Solid Gold 4.2%MILager$4.00
Funky Buddha Cosmic 11oz 5.5%FLNew England IPA$4.50
Funky Buddha Floridian 5.2%FLHefeweizen$5.00
Funky Buddha Pineapple Beach 5%FLBlonde Ale$5.75
Golden Road Bloomin Blonde 4.8%CAAmerican Blonde$4.00
Good People IPA 11oz 7.2%ALAmerican IPA$4.50
Good People Snake Handler 11oz 10%ALDouble IPA$5.75
Guinness 4.2%IRLStout$5.50
Grasslands 152 Mile Friendship 11oz 6.1%FLBelgian Pale$5.00
Grasslands Firedrake 11oz 6%FLFestbier$5.00
Grasslands Guava Gold 11oz 4.5%FLBlonde Ale$4.75
Grasslands Hopline Bling 11oz 6.5%FLAmerican IPA$4.75
Grasslands Lebron Jams 11oz 3.7%FLBerliner Weisse$5.50
Grasslands Leeroy The Red 11oz 9%FLImperial Red Ale$4.25
Grasslands Papaya Don't Preach 6.5%FLAmerican IPA$5.50
Grayton 30A Rosé Gose 4.6%FLGose$5.25
Hofbräu Dunkel 5.5%GERDunkelweizen$4.75
Hofbrau Hefeweizen 5.4%GERHefeweizen$5.00
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale 8.19%KYStrong Ale$6.50
KY Bourbon Barrel Blackberry 11oz 8.3%KYPorter$6.50
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout 11oz 8%KYB.A. Stout$4.75
Kona Longboard 5.6%HIAmerican Lager$5.25
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin 7.5%CAPale Wheat Ale$4.00
Lagunitas Super Cluster 11oz 8%CADouble IPA$6.00
Lazy Magnolia Souther Pecan 4.5%MIEnglish Brown$4.50
Lindemans Framboise 11oz 2.5%BELLambic$9.25
Magic Hat #9 11ozVTNot Quite Pale Ale$4.25
Magner’s Pear Cider 4.5%IRLCider$6.25
Narragansett Lager 5%RILager$3.25
Ommegang Rosetta 11oz 5.6%BELFruit Beer$6.25
Original Sin Black Widow 6%NYCider$5.50
Oyster City Mangrove 11oz 6.5%FLFruit$6.75
Pabst Blue Ribbon 5%ILAdjunct Lager$3.25
Pensacola Bay Brewing Riptide 5.4%FLAmber$4.25
Pensacola Bay Brewing Pils 4.8%FLPilsner$4.25
Props Blonde Bomber 5%FLBlonde Ale$4.75
Props Dos Pilotos 4.5%FLLager$4.00
Quest Smokin Mirror Smoked Porter 11oz 5.5%SCPorter$4.75
Rogue Outta Line 11oz 6.9%ORAmerican IPA$5.25
Shiner Bock 4.4%TXGerman Bock$4.00
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 11oz 5.6%CAAmerican Pale Ale$4.25
Sierra Nevada Resilience 11oz 6.7%CAAmerican IPA$4.25
Sprecher Citra Bomb IPA 11oz 7.8%WIImperial IPA$4.00
Stella 5.2%BELPale Lager$4.75
Stiegl Radler 11oz 2.5%ATRaddler$4.00
Stone Delicious IPA 11oz 7.7%CAAmerican IPA$5.00
SweetWater G13 11oz 6%GAAmerican IPA$4.50
Sweet Water 420 5.2%GAPale Ale$4.75
Sweet Water 420 Mango Kush Wheat Ale 5%GAWheat Ale$6.50
Sweet Water Blue 4.8%GAFruit Beer$4.75
Terrapin Hopsecutioner 11oz 7.3%GAAmerican IPA$4.75
Tin Roof Paloma Gose 11oz 4.2%LAGose$5.75
Victory Golden Monkey 9.5%PABelgian Golden$5.50
Victory Hop Devil Nitro 6.7%PAAmerican IPA$3.00
Victory Sour Monkey 9.5%PAAmerican Wild Ale$5.50
Weihenstephaner Korbinian 7.4%GERDoppelbock$5.50
Weihenstephan Original 5.4%GERGerman Hefeweizen$4.75
Wicked Weed Astronomical 11oz 7.7%NCAmerican IPA$5.50
Wicked Weed French Toast 11oz 8.4%NCImperial Stout$6.00
Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex 11oz 5.2%NCAmerican Pale Ale$4.75
Wicked Weed Passionfruit Gose 11oz 3.4%NCGose$4.75
Wise Acre Adjective Animal 11oz 8.6%TNImperial IPA$5.50
Wise Acre Prank Calls To Satan 11oz 7.8%TNBlack IPA$4.75
Wise Acre Tiny Bomb Pilsner 4.5%TNPilsner$4.50
Woodchuck Amber 5%VTCider$4.50
Yuengling 4.9%PAAmber Lager$3.75
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