Rogue Mom’s Hefeweizen

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Mother’s Day is this weekend. Countless innocent flowers will be sacrificed for the sake of pretty table bouquets. Thousands of hectares’ worth of Mylar will be manufactured into environment-wrecking balloons of all shapes and sizes. Both the Hallmark and Whitman’s Sampler companies base their CEO’s annual raises upon the combination of this observance and Valentine’s Day.

Provided she’s not the sort to threaten you with wire hangars, get out there and do something out of the ordinary for the old lady. Picnic on our beautiful beaches. Day-trip to the spa. Prop her up on a stack of satin pillows, fix her favorite snack and pop in a copy of “Throw Momma from the Train” while you finish her chores.

Should you wish to take an odd-ball approach to expressing your appreciation for the woman who brought you upon this planet, consider pouring her a beer crafted in her honor. That is, if she’s so inclined to enjoy such a beverage, natch. Preferably, you’ll pick out Rogue Mom’s Hefeweizen.

Rogue Brewery takes their Half-a-weizen Ale, more Belgian witbier in style despite use of their proprietary Pacman yeast in place of traditional Belgian yeast, and tweaks the recipe a bit. The ginger they use in Half-a-weizen has been replaced with rose water, rose petals and honey to create a flavor profile that speaks to all that is soft and sweet about maternal sentiment. Where hefeweizen leans more towards a bright lemon note, witbier showcases banana with slippery, mouth-coating diacetyl (a chemical by-product of fermentation usually found in Belgian blonde ale).

What does show up representative of hefeweizen is primarily in Mom’s appearance. Unfiltered cloudy orange-apricot colors show tinges of golden yellow. Active carbonation lends itself to a puffy head that disappears quickly but leaves nice lacing. Mom’s wheat base gives off nice scents of French bread crust and lemon with touches of banana mingling with the subtle rose. Its slick texture lets the spicy clove, coriander and tropical fruit linger long after the sip. The sweeter pieces of the beer should remind you of your mother’s love while the sour and spicy elements remind you of her stern qualities.

Don’t run with scissors going to the store to pick up some of this one. Cheers to moms everywhere.