Rogue “Chatoe Series Single Malt”

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I got a letter the other day and the writer had an interesting point to make. I recently may have been incorrect in one of my historical references.

A few columns back, I paraphrased from who I thought was President Franklin Roosevelt. The writer of the letter had a feeling that the famous quote came from Huey P. Long, former governor of Louisiana. The line in question was in regards to having a chicken in every pot.

Why I didn’t research the origin of the quote then, I don’t know. It turns out we are both incorrect, but we were close in terms of time period. Well, sort of. I’ll explain.

The American politician to whom the quote is attributed is President Herbert Hoover during his election in 1928. Back then, a chicken was considered a luxury because its eggs were a renewable resource and once the chicken is killed, no more eggs. What Hoover actually said was that every American would have a full dinner pail and a car in the garage. The actual reality was the average worker only made $17 a week; considered to be “chicken feed.” Democratic rival Al Smith chided Hoover in the New York Times and recalled the “chicken in every pot” idea that was actually originally said by France’s King Henry IV in the 16th century.

Hoover’s heart was in the right place. One of his champion causes was eradicating hunger and making lives better for others. He was also a champion of sustainable farming, something Rogue Brewing has been behind for years now.

Once prices began to climb like hop bines, Rogue decided it’d be better to take charge of their own supplies. The Grow Your Own series, aka “Chatoe” – a purposefully-misspelled attempt to not take beer too snobbishly yet maintain its estate value – highlights anything from their Dare and Risk barleys (so-named as growing barley in Oregon is just that) to orchard offerings. As they monitor their own product quality every step of the way, it ensures beer that’s always top-notch.

One in particular I’ve always been fond of is the Rogue Farms Single Malt Blonde Ale. Much like single malt Scotch, this beer is an example of one ingredient taking center stage to provide a unique flavor profile. In this case, Rogue Dare malt is the only grain ingredient in this hazy gold ale. A ripe wheat stalk-high head lasts for days giving up quiet notes of earth, honey, biscuit and floral hops. Yes, let’s not forget Rogue’s GYO First Growth Revolution hops included here imparting a pine and lemongrass flavor to Dare’s toasty grain.

Creamy, flavorful and highly drinkable, it embodies the best of sustainability. Hoover would be proud, chicken or no chicken.