Pensacola Bay Blackbeard Stout + Gary’s Home Brew Supply

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Do you have a beer aficionado in your life and you’re stumped for Christmas ideas? How about giving them the means to make their own brew? There’s a great place here in Pensacola that’s a one-stop shopping destination that you seriously need to visit.

Gary’s Home Brew Supply opened up a couple of months ago and it has everything a home brewer could want. Run by former Escambia Bay Home Brewers president Gary Yetter, it was a logical step in his life. He used to keep his home stocked with the raw ingredients necessary for brewing and supplied his fellow home brewers with different strains of yeast, hops and grains. It became problematic when friends would show up at all hours of the day for their hook-up.

“Neighbors used to joke that I was selling pot or running a meth lab,” chuckling while he recounted the old days of being the prime Pensacola connection for quality brewing supplies. Think about it; strange-looking pots, tubes and hoses visible in the garage… shady-looking ruffians coming by at 11 pm and leaving with baggies of green, leafy substances…

Better to open up a legitimate supply store. He’s now able to facilitate anyone and everyone wishing to begin brewing or looking to expand their existing operation. As an active home brewer, Gary is a wellspring of information and has advice for both the beginner and advanced brewers out there.

Additionally, Gary’s wife has a commercial nursery on the property and the couple is able to provide certain items for home and garden. They are also looking into having small batches of beer made at the store for customer enjoyment. And if beer’s not your bag there are wine-making kits, too.

Raw materials, brewing equipment, experienced advice… Gary’s has got it all and it’s 100% local. That’s what I call a big win for Pensacola! Let’s stay within city limits and have ourselves a Pensacola Bay Blackbeard Stout, shall we?

Brewmaster Mark Robertson – also an Escambia Bay Home Brewer – crafted a very flavorful and straightforward stout. The color of dark mahogany in the shade, Blackbeard only lets in a little light around the edges. The tall tan head dissipates quickly – common to the style – and recedes into a thin ring that stays for the duration. Deep scents of fresh coffee lead off with pretty notes of chocolate and cream underneath. Flavors echo the scents along with a good hop bite providing a nice balance of sweet and bitter. The body is light and the finish is long.

As long as you’re shopping at Gary’s Home Brew Supply for Christmas, stop by Hopjacks downtown or Pensacola Bay Brewery, too. A nice cold growler of Blackbeard to go makes a great gift.