Morland’s Old Speckled Hen — (the article that caused all the fuss!)

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Oh, boy. Overheard just the other day while grocery shopping: “They better pass that debt ceiling bill tomorrow. Otherwise, the President’s spending is gonna bring about the END of the WORLD!”

Okay… emphasis mine to demonstrate the extent of her hyperbole. But, really, lady? The end of the world? Did she really believe our entire system would grind to a screeching halt or was she just parroting the previous night’s Fox News vitriol?

By the way guys… the fundamental difference between spending and owing is one means goods and services have been paid for and the other means we’ll get you later. Problem is later never gets taken care of and the amount we’ve got to pony up keeps getting bigger. Face it; our debt is something that’ll never get paid off.

What bugged me about the woman in the grocery store was her Chicken Little attitude. I know it’s tough to raise a family, put food on the table every day, patch the leaky roof, take little Susie to get braces, etc. She was making it sound like she would wake up the next day to a zombie movie apocalypse burning up her front lawn and eating the pet dog. Well, the debt ceiling was pushed higher without any real solutions for our economy and yet the sky hasn’t turned to sackcloth nor the sun gone blood red.

The Chicken Little fable most of us know has the barnyard gang making it back to the farm safe and sound and going back to their simple lives of unenlightened ignorance much like most of our largely uninformed population. Sean Hannity was the acorn dropping on their head, they freaked out for a few weeks, the bill was passed and they went right back to letting their televisions tell them what to think.

I think I prefer the version where Foxy Loxy eats them all.

In honor of the recent histrionics I believe I’ll have myself an Old Speckled Hen from Morland’s Brewery out of Suffolk, England. It’s a sparkly amber ale that yields a creamy off-tan head of foam that stays around for a nice long time. Restrained scents of caramel malt, toffee and a hint of butterscotch are predominant with a slight herbal hop note showing up. A thoroughly creamy texture yields flavors of candied nuts, sweet grain, a touch of apple and bitter hop oil at the finish.

See there? I just bought a beer. That’s my way of stimulating the economy. Now you get out there and do likewise and the recession will soon be a fable of its own.