Lost Coast 8-ball Stout

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It’s been quite a week in my family.  My dear ol’ dad had bypass surgery and, thankfully, made it out okay.  Seeing a loved one go through such an ordeal makes one begin to examine priorities in life.  Everyone involved in the process needs to start taking stock of themselves and figure out what, if any, changes can be made to lead a healthier existence.

Naturally, one of the items on dad’s list of “no-no’s” and “probably shouldn’t” is limiting or possibly eliminating alcohol.  He’s never been a heavy boozer, but I know how much he enjoys a cold beer at the proper time.  Time to research the healthful benefits of beer lest he has to make one more painful sacrifice.

And guess what?  Beer is good for you!  Much like the “French Paradox” of careful wine consumption and a combination of balanced diet, exercise and time for relaxation, a moderate intake of beer has been proven to benefit the body in the positive.

The value of B-vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium and the powerful anti-oxidant selenium doesn’t diminish in the fermentation process like it does in wine.  Those B-vitamins build hemoglobin, help maintain correct blood sugar and aid distribution of oxygen in the bloodstream increasing muscle activity.

Beer also boosts HDL – the good cholesterol – and lowers LDL.  This thins the blood and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.  According to a 1999 study from the University of Texas at Dallas, moderate consumption lowers risk of heart disease by as much as 30-40%!  Beer lowers blood pressure where both liquor and wine raise, reduces kidney stones and, primarily in the ladies, boosts bone density.  The hops relax the system promoting restful sleep and reduction of stress.  It’s high in fiber and cholesterol free.

Dark beer contains more disease-fighting antioxidant flavenoids than light beer, so I’m recommending Lost Coast’s 8-Ball Stout.  It’s a rich, pitch-black stout that gives up a dense tan head of foam.  Roasted oatmeal and chocolate malts provide deep scents of espresso and dark chocolate with flavors of even more espresso, cocoa, smoke, fig and anise.  8-Ball’s thick texture really delivers satisfaction and can quench both your thirst and appetite at the same time.  The finish is long and memorable.

For so long, we’ve associated beer with flabby, out of shape ham-and-eggers.  It’s nice to know there’s more that’s good in our favorite beverage than meets the eye.  Take two of these 8-Ball Stouts and call me in the morning.