Dogfish Head Brewing 120 Minute IPA

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Sometimes it seems as if, to quote George Costanza, the whole universe is against you. Everyone is kicking you when you’re down, children are screaming at you like you’re Quasimoto, dogs piddle on you and I’ll be darned if that doesn’t look like the tax man coming up the drive with the audit papers. Is that lipstick on your hubby’s collar not your shade?

We here in the service industry get it all the time. We recently suffered numerous setbacks that would have the average mortal sobbing in the corner, rocking back and forth in a fetal position whilst sucking their thumb. It’s bound to happen in a busy establishment. The law of averages and entropy combined could never come close to the sheer random happenstance and breakdowns one will experience in a popular restaurant.

There are plus sides, however. Top of the list is you, the customer. Obviously you love us and what we do otherwise you wouldn’t wedge yourselves in sardine-like night after night. We are always beyond appreciative for the support from the patrons of our humble little business. Second on the list of positives is really rare beer.

It’s a Taoist relationship, entirely cyclical. You love us for our beer. We love you for loving us and we bring you more great beer. On and on to infinity. Folks, we are about to unveil one of the Holy Grails of draft beer so sought after that we shall witness a love fest not seen since the second day of Woodstock. Passion displayed in a way unrivaled since Marriage Encounter took 70s hedonism to accidental extremes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Dogfish Head 120-minute IPA on tap.

This is a monster of a beer that rarely, outside of the Delaware/D.C. area, is found on tap. The reason being is that it’s so darn expensive to produce and it takes a really long time to arrive at the finished product. Add to the rarity problem that their entire 2010 run of the stuff had a production problem and we all saw nary a drop for the whole year.

This is a beer aficionado’s beer. An oily Double Maduro Cuban cigar of an ale. 120 is an IPA so massive it really no longer seems like a beer rather more like port wine. The color from this ale is coppery-orange with sparse head but incredible hop oil lacing. Gargantuan scents of peach, apricot, mango and pineapple dominate the nose while tropical and citrus fruit flavors attempt to hold back the tremendous malt sweetness and boozy alcohol heat. A continuous month of dry-hopping in development followed by aging on whole leaf hops boosts the bitterness to dizzying heights. 120 is a scorcher at 18% alcohol.

Like Kojak said, “Who loves ya, baby?”