Blue Point Brewery's Octoberfest Bock

Blue Point Brewing Oktoberfest

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BEER GARDEN: Get a taste of Oktober with this brew

Blue Point Brewery’s Octoberfest bock

I had just returned from Frankfurt, Germany, in the summer of 1991 when my dear old dad first made the offer.

I was there on an exchange program and had been dazzled for a month by the history, architecture, food — and, well, the beer. It seemed an integral portion of life over there. Every town has a brewery. Heck, it’s even served in McDonalds.

I loved the fact that the youths over there are raised to respect the beverage and not abuse their privilege

So, once back on this side of the Atlantic, I voiced my enthusiasm to my pop.

His offer: “I’ll take you to Oktoberfest when you’re 25.” “Why when I’m 25, dad?” “You’ll be old enough to drink then,” was his answer. Uh”» did you miss the part when I mentioned I am of legal age over there?

One thing led to another, and we never went. Maybe I should take him next year. What would we expect to experience? Here’re some fun facts about Oktoberfest:

» The festival grounds seat more than 100,000 and sell more than 7 million liters of beer, 150,000 of which is actually nonalcoholic.

» Last year they sold almost 70,000 pig knuckles and — this seems very low — 119,000 pairs of pork sausage.

» Oktoberfest uses 2.96 kilowatts per hour of electricity — enough for the needs of a family of four for 52 years of normal consumption.

While they’re partying it up over there right now, we’ll make more than do with an Oktoberfest bock beer brewed right here in the USA.

I’m digging the Oktoberfest from Blue Point Brewery. It’s a nice orange-amber in color with a surprisingly frothy head lingering around for an extended time. As if intentionally waving in fall like a third-base coach, it exhibits abundant caramel malt with some nutmeg and brown sugar on the nose while hints of pumpkin flavors dance around touches of honey and spice. Creamy with mild carbonation and a semi-dry finish, this member of the lager family is thoroughly drinkable and pleasing for all palates.

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