Blue Point Brewing Co. “Oktoberfest”

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Part of the fun of running your own specialty retail beer shop is getting to find cool “toys” to play with. It’s been my mission statement from before day one of The Filling Station to try to bring in every good beer available. I see something out there that’s great, it’s mine… and yours, too, if you want it.

The same goes for our meat and cheese selection, as well. I recently began to stock a selection of Spanish cheeses and a venison-cranberry sausage that have been flying off the shelf. When a customer exclaims about the duck prosciutto or rolls their eyes in bliss over a creamy, earthy, salty true British Stilton blue cheese… well, it’s why I do what I do; try to make people as happy about food and beverage as I am.

I was recently asked to come up with some ideas for special events we could host here in the store. The first thing to come to mind was, naturally, Oktoberfest. Too many times here in the States the party is celebrated in the wrong time of year. In Munich, Germany it’s a 16-day party ending on October 2 or 3 depending on which day German Unity Day falls. I’ve seen some American celebrations fall as late as October 15!

This is my opportunity, albeit for just one day, to showcase authentic German food and beer and have it in the proper time of the year. And to put all your minds at ease, I will forgo wearing lederhosen. I will, however, be pouring 5 of the 6 Bavarian beers allowed in the festival grounds in Munich.

While we’ll have all day, Saturday, September 29 to discover Munich lager and bock, let’s get to know a killer American Oktoberfest. I know, I know… spend all this time harping about authentic this and traditonal that, only to review an American version. Well, the thing is Blue Point Brewery from Long Island, NY get Oktoberfest right; something I’m hoping for with my party.

Just as wrong as serving baked beans for Oktoberfest, too many American brewers make Marzen Bock beer a little too untraditional. Not Blue Point. Theirs is a beautiful butterscotch-yellow color with a fluffy head that leaves nice lacing in the glass. Light scents of honey and caramel back up a mountain of malted grain. And while malt dominates the nose, the flavor isn’t overtly sweet. Instead, it’s biscuity and floral with a hint of banana and a twinge of hops. This one is incredibly creamy and finishes light.

Hope to see you here! Cheers… or should I say “Ein Prosit!”