Anniversary/Valentine’s Day/Firkin

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Has it already been five years? Time flies when you’re having fun… and waiting tables, tending bar, managing the front of house, moving to and back from Mobile within a year, running an entire restaurant, starting a new business, helping out on other new businesses and writing a column every week without fail.

Today is Hopjacks’ five-year anniversary. How far we’ve come. Born under a bad sign on a Friday the 13th, we opened at 6 pm and promptly ran out of pizza dough by 8:30. We doubled our order for Saturday and ran out by 9:30. Lesson learned; we’re much better now.

We had a then-meager 36 tap beers. A testament to our clientele, we now boast 112 draft flavors with no one line sitting for past its prime. Thanks must be extended to everyone who’s kept us a Pensacola fixture. Cheers!

Come see us tonight 7-close for the usual Hopjacks merriment plus a few specials. If you’re not too damaged from the experience, don’t forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you’ve read any of my work you’ll already know how snarky I am to the notion of everyone setting aside a specific day to be coerced into feeling Cupid’s fluttering wings at the edge of your conscience. I’ve got a better idea. Come spend an evening with me downtown for a beer tasting.

I host one every Thursday at various locations around town and Valentine’s just happens to be at our flagship location. The theme for the night? Love/hate relationships, of course. Expect a few flavors that symbolically embody the rollercoaster ride that is the dance of courtship. If nothing else, you get to listen to me prattle on about the minutia of beer; and it’s free, 5-7pm.

Staying busy through the weekend, we’re hosting a special firkin event with our friends from Abita Brewing. A firkin is a re-fill-able keg that breweries top off with a specialty concoction not usually found from their hands. Friday, Feb 15, 6pm, we’re tapping a very flavorful British Mild.

The beer style is perfect for a firkin. Traditionally, British Mild ale was always a cask beer and, therefore, very lightly carbonated via natural fermentation. In this age of bottle-conditioned, high ABV everything and overdoses of hops, a smooth, light-bodied yet flavorful classic ale is a breath of fresh air. Low hop content allows the malt to take center stage with caramel, biscuit and a touch of toffee. The quintessential session beer, the bubbles and alcohol are kept at a minimum without losing body or flavor. The idea is to enjoy a lot of this without getting goofy. Keep in mind that Abita probably won’t make this again, at least for a long, long time.

Happy anniversary, Hopjacks! Here’s to the next five years!