Abita Two Boots & Root Beer

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It seems as if there’s a “Day” for everything. “I Love My Dentist Day.” “National Rotisserie Chicken Day.” “Hug Your Cat Day.” “Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day.” And, no, I’m not making these up.

On one hand, they seem a harmless way to break up the monotony of life by celebrating the – sometimes – mundane and silly. On the other, one could look at it as a diminishment of actual observances and accepted holidays that carry a deeper meaning to most. I find that there’s a third way to look at it.

February 17 is Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day. I did not know that. Granted, we should strive to dedicate more than one day to addressing this terrible issue, but it’s nice to know there’s a special day to raise awareness. National Roller Coaster Day is coming up August 16. Better make my plans to be in a park that day as I’m a coaster junkie! Astronomy Day is observed twice a year; two set-aside chances to brush up on what’s happening in the universe.

So, what’s today, anything good? Why, yes. Thanks for asking. The first one of note is Founders’ Day. This is the anniversary of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Far be it from me to ridicule an organization that helps people find sobriety. However, this is a beer column, so moving along.

Today is also National Herb And Spice Day. I can work with that. Let’s toast today with a glass of Abita Two Boots. The south’s craft beer mainstay has teamed up with an Italian brewery – Birrificio Del Ducato – to bring us a Saison just perfect for the summer. The name, by the way, is in reference to the shapes of Louisiana and Italy.

The reason Two Boots is pertinent to today is what it’s made with. The brewers added peppercorn, honey and lemon balm. That last one’s medicinal properties are purportedly many with its most frequent applications being for ailments of the GI tract and the alleviation of stress. Honey’s medicinal applications aside, it’s a nice, natural way to boost a beer’s sweet notes. The peppercorn boosts the already spicy qualities of farmhouse ale yeast.

What a complex, yet refined, Saison it is! Clear gold with a modest, eggshell white head, Two Boots is possessive of banana, pear, clove and spicy Perle hop scents. The lemon balm gives out a dose of citronella flavor alongside honey, orange and hay, pink and white peppercorn albeit faint. It’s got a juicy body with a nice, dry finish.

You know, let’s not leave out the AA folks. Today is their day, too. How’s about a frosty glass of Abita Root Beer? Creamy caramel-and-vanilla goodness and, best of all, it’s alcohol-free!

Life is a party, folks. Observe and reflect. Find your day and find your beer.

Abita Rootbeer and Two Boots