Blue Point Brewing Co. “Oktoberfest”

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I was recently asked to come up with some ideas for special events we could host here in the store. The first thing to come to mind was, naturally, Oktoberfest. Too many times here in the States the party is celebrated in the wrong time of year. In Munich, Germany it’s a 16-day party ending on October 2 or 3 depending on which day German Unity Day falls. I’ve seen some American celebrations fall as late as October 15!

Thoughts on the 2012 Emerald Coast Beer Fest

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Another bright, sunny day in early September brought us yet another fun and successful Emerald Coast Beer Fest and all of its attendant embarrassment of riches. Can there be too much of a good thing? There certainly can when you’re a beer enthusiast who’s trying his best to cover the event and sample as much as possible while not getting sloshed over the massive selection provided by the regional home brewers.