Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

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For those of us who enjoy properly-crafted ales and lagers, the word adjunct is one that’s dirtier than Snookie after a date with a bottle of Jagermeister. The very notion of “poisoning” a beer with corner-cutting ingredients is sacrilege. Well, it turns out that there’s a lot of craft and import beer out there that we all seem to enjoy that does precisely that.

Wychwood Hobgoblin Dark Ale

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Let’s get this out of the way first off; I am not a Harry Potter nerd. Okay, I grudgingly read the books some years ago after much prodding and encouragement from my more well-read peers and family members. I will admit that J.K. Rowling was commendably successful in crafting such an ambitious tale – attention to detail, European language and historical referencing, accurate portrayal of adolescent development, action, romance, drama, etc.