Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Fresh Hop Ale

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Beer on Twitter

For the sake of today’s discussion, I’m going to have to get all “nerd-speak” on the readers at home. We’ll be talking about hops and their role in the beer-making process which means I’m about to break out some science on you. Well, me and my trusty copy of Charlie Papazian’s “Joy of Home Brewing.” Let’s go dork out for a while, shall we?

Lost Coast 8-ball Stout

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Lost Coast Brewery

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It’s been quite a week in my family. My dear ol’ dad had bypass surgery and, thankfully, made it out okay. Seeing a loved one go through such an ordeal makes one begin to examine priorities in life. Everyone involved in the process needs to start taking stock of themselves and figure out what, if any, changes can be made to lead a healthier existence.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Anderson Valley Brewing Co. on Twitter

I realize I’m getting ahead of myself by over 2 months here, but sometimes a beer is just too good to wait around for a timely tie-in by a know-it-all columnist. When ale is being produced so nicely, being consumed so quickly, one can’t sit around on ceremony; it’ll be gone before you know it. Spring has very recently sprung, but today we’re going to focus on the Summer Solstice.

North Coast Pranqster

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North Coast Brewing Co.

North Coast Brewing Co. on Twitter

April Fools Day has come and gone. Here’s hoping no one glued all the living room furniture to your ceiling or left a burning baggie at your front door. Many of us revel in the spirit of the day with prank calls and “kick me” signs taped to friends’ backs. It’s not a national holiday, but perhaps it should be given consideration for.