Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

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Harviestoun Brewery

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Most of us can’t help ourselves; when we hear the word Scotland, our pop-culture-riddled brains immediately jump to Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons or to Mike Myers playing his own father in “So I Married An Axe Murderer.” I prefer to think of the lovely – and recently departed from Doctor Who – actress Karen Gillan. Willie and Mr. Mackenzie are fine examples, albeit amplified stereotypes, of Scotland I suppose, but young Miss Gillan… I believe Thumper called it being “Twitterpated.”

Pensacola Bay Brewery Lighthouse Porter

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Pensacola Bay Brewery

Pensacola Bay Brewery on Twitter

Just got back from Sweet Water Brewery’s “Brew Your Cask Off” event. There’s no way to hide it: my beer didn’t fare too well. The original intent was to enhance their Exodus Porter with Spanish and Mexican ingredients – namely cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, split vanilla beans, agave nectar as my fermentable and, the culprit what did me in, ancho chili powder.

Abita Purple Haze

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Abita Beer

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If you follow your nose heading down Palafox these days there’s the heavenly smell of burgers sizzling in the air. The Tin Cow is now open to satisfy the sensibilities of carnivores even late into the night. While not re-inventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination The Tin Cow stands out for its sandwich add-ons and its canned beer selection.