Victory Brewing Companies “Uncle Teddy’s Bitter”

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Victory Brewing Co. Website
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Anyone out there remember the television ads for Keystone Light from a few years back? The ones where a normal-looking schlub took a sip of beer other than Keystone only to have his face turn inside out to the horror of his compadres… I know you’ve seen it. Everyone screams “Bitter Beer Face!” and runs around like lunatics because we all know, without a doubt, this to be the biggest detriment to society.

Oskar Blues Brewing “G’knight Imperial IPA”

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Oskar Blues Brewery Website
Oskar Blues Brewery on Twitter

Last week this publication asked of its regular contributors to point out coming trends in their respective fields of expertise for 2012. I would’ve obliged you guys but there was a U-haul full of Vonnegut novels and Mystery Science Theater bootlegs that had to be unpacked before the rental deadline on the truck expired. Instead, I can now kill two birds with one stone and talk about a couple of the top trends to come in the world of beer while still providing our regularly-scheduled program – er, column.

Blue Point Brewing Co. “Winter Ale”

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Blue Point Brewing Co. Website
Blue Point Brewing Co. on Twitter

So far this very young winter we’ve seen some nice seasonal brews come along but I can’t help but notice that they miss the mark when it comes to living up to their winter warmer status. Tasty beers, to be sure, but most breweries this year have tended to continue with the notion that more hops are the only way to go. They are forgetting to boost malt’s importance for cold-weather ale.