CHOC Brewing Company “Miner Mishap”

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Black Friday has come and gone which means winter is around the corner in earnest. Rest your tired bodies bruised from the woman in the lime green felt tracksuit that roller derby slammed you out of the way for the last “Tickle Me, President Obama.” Kick up your blistered tootsies, wrap yourself in the Snuggie your little one got you for Christmas last year and try to forget, at least for now, the checkbook still whimpering like a roughly-scolded puppy.

Thanksgiving and #Beer

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The editors of Beer Advocate magazine discuss Thanksgiving beer pairings in their current issue. According to them, many in the community of finer beer appreciation have been championing French saison-style and Bierre de Garde as food-friendly pairings that work with any course; an opinion that the editors strongly disagree with.

Southern Tier Brewing Company “Farmers Tan” Imperial Pilsner

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Modern American craft beer making is spreading like kudzu and in order to better grab the consumer’s attention sometimes a clever marketing ploy is necessary. Let’s face it; someone can bottle liquid gold but when there’s hundreds from which to choose and the customer doesn’t know the difference between Corona and Chimay, a little creative license helps draw the eye “this way.” A funny picture or witty phrase can be all the difference when Joe Six-pack is grabbing a brew to take home

Stone Brewing Company ‘Vertical Epic 11-11-11’

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I love beer. Thing is, there’s love and then there’s LOVE. If I love beer, then the folks from Stone Brewing in San Diego are a full-blown obsessed stalker. They’re “Swimfan” and “Fatal Attraction” meets “Strange Brew”. Come to think of it, I just might have Hollywood’s next big script right there!

North Coast Brewing ‘Old Rasputin’

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I’ve discussed in columns past the history of Imperial Stout, also known as Russian Imperial, and how it originally was brewed in England for Catherine II. The deep freeze of Mother Russia in winter called for a rich, robust and highly alcoholic beverage to warm one’s bones. Whether Grigori Rasputin, the namesake of today’s beer, ever touched the stuff is unclear. However, there are a number of terrible and interesting parallels between the two.