Southern Tier Creme Brulee

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Desserts have evolved as well. After piling on the calories of an over-sized American restaurant dinner, desserts had become a distant afterthought as belly space diminished. Even if one had “saved room for dessert,” as the server cliché goes, choices were usually the ubiquitous pre-fab, pre-sliced cheesecake or artificially tart wedges of Key lime pie. Occasionally, one could find crème brulee.

Abita Pecan Harvest Ale

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Given the pecan’s agricultural importance to Louisiana, it makes perfect sense that the state’s largest commercial craft brewery should offer us ale that incorporates the Southern-eponymous tree nut. Fall is the time of harvest and anyone who has a pecan tree in their yard knows full well how easy it is to gather this bounty; they literally fall from the trees. The arduous task lies in successfully shelling the pecans so when Abita Brewing Company came out with their Pecan Harvest Ale they saved all drupe fans everywhere a lot of hassle. Now, it’s as easy as a church key on a bottle cap.

The 2011 Emerald Coast Beer Festival

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Early September in Pensacola means it’s time for another trip to the Emerald Coast Beer Festival and, with attendees and participants alike coming from hundreds of miles away, this year’s event proved to be another rousing success. If anything, it’s an embarrassment of riches with over 200 beers to sample.