Blue Point Brewing Rastafar Rye Ale

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I thought I’d write about a beer from a brewery relatively new to Pensacola, Blue Point’s Rastafar Rye Ale, and it dawned on me – I know very little about Rastafari faith. That in itself is nothing surprising as most people know little of their own religion much less faith-based belief structures not part of the “big three.” Sikhism, breatharians and Quakers will have to wait for another time… I and I want to know about a man called Haile Selassie.

Delirium Tremens

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Delirium Brewery Website
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It’s been called the Shakes, the Horrors, Jazz Hands and, my personal favorite, shaking hands with the invisible man. Delirium Tremens, commonly known as the DTs, is your body’s second-favorite method of letting you know you’ve been very dumb and drank far too much. The body’s first-favorite is the good ol’ fashioned hangover. DTs, however, move far beyond the weekend warrior’s meager headache and bedspins. DTs are a sign that something’s wrong… very wrong.