Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers

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Philosophy: a word from the Greek language like so many others combining two originally separate root words; “philo” meaning loving and “sophy” from “Sophia” meaning skill or wisdom. In modern application the suffix refers to “the science of.” In the intervening millennia since ancient Greeks, Chinese and Arabs first sat around and considered the inner workings of the world around them, the word has come to assume much more than its rather simple root meanings.

Abita Amber Lager

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Okay, I guess I’ll make it official. I am now a citizen of Mobile, Alabama. Hopjacks’ little brother down I-10 needed a general manager so the boss asked me to step up and take the reins. Now, when it comes to moving, I remember a “stress level” chart from a psychology class way back in high school that assigned a numeric value to important changes in one’s life. The passing of a family member was top of the list, understandably, while moving was number three.