Bell’s Hopslam

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Occasionally a beer will come along that people just go nuts for. Beer geeks talk about them in exuberant fashion, eyes ablaze and arms waving about. Then they get that dreamy, far-away look in their eyes as they think about the flavor and what they were doing when they had their first sip of their cherished and hard-to-come-by elixir. Sometimes, they treat them with a level of reverence usually found in the Vatican.

Hoegaarden — Legends of Brewing: Tribute to Pierre Celis

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Tragedy struck in 1985 when his Brouwerij De Kluis (Cloister Brewery) caught fire and burned down. As he was already branching away from investor backing, he was left to assume the total cost of the rebuilding. Unable to afford it, he sold controlling interest to Artois, makers of Stella, and their parent company Interbrew, a group of, seemingly, concerned Europeans. Everything looked like business as usual – heck, they even rebuilt the brewery and stocked it with state of the art equipment. Unfortunately, even in the heart of timeless Europe, things were about to change.

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager

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I know, I know… I just talked about an Abita product a short three weeks ago. Far be it for me to sound like I’m flogging the same horse but sometimes these things are unavoidable. Every so often, a brew like this comes along that’s a hands-down, across the board, tried and true winner everyone seems to agree upon. Add to that the drink’s highly limited availability and there’s only so much time to consider this one.

(Spoetzl Brewery) Shiner Dortmunder Spring Ale

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Greetings from the road. Mobile, Alabama has proven to be a gracious host. We’re not quite where we can begin to examine and enjoy the broad selection of beers available here that are not (yet) in Pensacola. Main sticking point, I could make a healthy argument for, is the jovial photo hounds the News Journal employs probably don’t wish to make a 1 ½ hour round trip just to snap a snazzy shot of whatever beer I’m rambling about this week.