NOLA Brewing Company Brown Ale

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NOLA Brewing Company Website
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Over the summer I wrote about the NOLA Hopitoulas IPA and how nice it would be to visit New Orleans to partake of the food and beverage opportunities that city provides. A couple of weeks ago some friends and I decided to do just that. While a concert at UNO Lakefront Arena was the main impetus for the trip, a special bonus awaited us: touring the New Orleans Lager & Ale Co.

Erie Brewing Company Fallenbock

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Erie Brewing Company Website
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I’m a fan of hockey. Recently, I was watching another chapter of the battle of Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. While the Penguins steadily racked up the score against the Flyers (my apologies go out to Ice Flyers owner Tim Kerr… and Ryan at Sluggos’s) I found myself craving a beer from the Keystone State. In doing so, I believe I found my new favorite dopplebock.

Stone Smoked Porter

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Porter: richer than an ale, a touch lighter than a stout. It’s a beer all unto itself. Its origins are quietly historical and sometimes tragic even. One thing’s for sure… there aren’t too many people making a smoked version so when you happen to find one as good as this one from Stone Brewing, don’t let it out of your sight.