CHOC Brewing Choctoberfest

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Oktoberfest in Germany. Many people conjure up images of lederhosen, hearty barmaids in dirndl outfits hoisting eight liter steins of beer at a time, coronary-inducing sausages and loud rounds of singing. And they wouldn’t be far off the mark. From the mayor’s opening declaration of “O’ zapft is! (meaning the beer’s been tapped)” to the last frothy drop of lager, Deutschland’s annual event lasts 15-17 days and attracts an estimated six million revelers. America, however, has a slightly different notion of when Oktoberfest should be held.

2010 Emerald Coast Beer Festival

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Time to show my respect and admiration for the only people around more enthusiastic about beer than I am: the brewers. We’re fortunate to have at least ten local and regional brewclubs who do great justice to the classics and experiment with what could and should be the next big thing.

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Seasonal AND 30th Anniversary: Charlie, Fred & Ken’s Bock

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Beerfest at Seville Quarter is upon us again and this year the food and beer pairing dinner is being hosted by the fine folks from Sierra Nevada Brewing. Perfect opportunity to talk about their new autumn seasonal, Tumbler, and another selection from their 30th Anniversary series that happens to be apropos for fall.

Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout

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Tired. Fatigue is bound to happen when embarking upon a labor of love. See, there are a few of us downtown who thought it a wonderful idea to open up a live music venue. All the careful planning and foresight in the world can’t prepare for all the little last-minute details just before the doors open to the public for the first time. And open wide the doors did and in walked a full house. Success.