Tucher Kristall Weizen

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Tucher Brewery Website

Mid-July in the deep south. The air temperature hovers around a Beelzebub-approved 95 degrees with saturating humidity. Feels like someone’s draped a giant, wet wool blanket over your head. And while it’s rather futile to yell at Old Scratch to keep his hands away from the thermostat there are options to beat the heat. I know someone who actually filled a wading pool with ice cubes once but I can think of something a bit more subtle.

Terrapin Brewing Co. Hop Karma

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Terrapin Brewery Company Website
Terrapin Brewery Company on Twitter

Continuing on the summer vacation day trip for beer has us heading northeast to Athens, GA, home of Terrapin Beer Company. Releasing their first creation in only 2002, Terrapin quickly established their talents by winning the Great American Beer Festival’s gold medal in the American Pale Ale category for their Rye Pale Ale. Since then, they’ve continued to test the boundaries of the craft beer market by releasing innovative brews that eschew tradition while making the most of local ingredients.

NOLA Hopitoulas

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NOLA Brewery Website
NOLA Brewery on Twitter

It’s the middle of summer and my mind’s on vacation. Unfortunately, the demands of a rigorous job and the vagaries of an aged vehicle prohibit my traveling very far. The good news is we’re fortunate to be centrally located to interesting destinations all well under a day’s drive. Now, destinations with their own breweries? My mind’s already made up.