Hop Blends

Black & Blue
Sweet Water Blue layered w/ Guinness

Black & Tan
Yuengling layered w/ Guinness

Black Magic
Magic Hat #9 layered w/ Guinness

Black Velvet
Champagne layered w/ Guinness

Blue Gator
Sweet Water Blue w/ Abita Andygator 5

Sweet Water Blue & Sweetwater IPA

Dogfish 69 Minute
Dogfish Head 60 Minute and Dogfish Head 90 Minute

Double Barrel
Kentucky Bourbon Ale w/ Bourbon Stout

Harry Potter
Magic Hat #9 w/Abita Purple Haze

Woodchuck layered w/ Framboise

Nuts & Berries
Southern Pecan layered w/ Framboise

Purple Gator
Abita Purple Haze w/ Abita Andygator 5

Guinness layered w/ Woodchuck Amber — w/ any other Woodchuck 

Warm Apple Pie
Woodchuck Amber w/ a small shot of w/ Cinnamon Schnapps 6 — w/ Goldschlager 

420 Blues
Sweet Water 420 and Sweet Water Blue

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Hop Bombs

‘Angry Balls’
½ Angry Orchard & a shot of Fire Ball

‘Bayou Bomb’
½ Abita Root Beer & a shot of Jagermeister

‘Chocolate Blueberry’
½ S.Water Blue with a shot of Choc. Vodka & Creme de Cocoa 7

‘Georgia Peach’
½ S.Water Georgian Brown w/ shot of Peach

‘Grape Drink’
½ PBR w/ shot of Grape Vodka ‘“ AMAZING!! 6

‘Honey Bear’
½ Sweet Water Georgia Brown w/ shot of Jack Honey!! 8

‘Little Cream Soda’
½ New Belgium 1554 w/ shot of Vanilla Vodka 7

‘Pushing Daisies’
½ Rogue Dead Guy Ale w/ shot of Citrus Vodka

‘Razz Tootsie Pop’
½ Purple Haze w/ shot of Choc. Vodka & Creme de Cocoa 7

‘Rootbeer Bomb’
½ Abita Root Beer w/ shot of Hazzlenut & Vanilla Vodka

‘Sky Bomb’
Captain & Coke w/ shot of Vanilla Vodka & Baileys

‘Walker Texas Ranger’
½ New Belgium Ranger w/ shot of Johnnie Walker & Texas Pete Hot Sauce 7

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Chardonnay California 7/26

Moscato Italy 7½/26½

Stellina di Notte
Pinot Grigio Italy 6¾/24

Covey Run Riesling
Riesling California 6/22

Canyon Road
White Zinfandel California 5/20

Miguel Torres
Verdejo Spain 6/22

Como Sur
Pinot Noir Chile 6¾/22

Kendall Jackson
Zinfandel California 11½/42

Cabernet California 8/28

Merlot California 6¾/24

Vina Maipo
Sauvignon Blanc Chile 5¾/23

Sparking California 5/20

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Yes, we infuse our own liquor. What don’t we do?! All are great over ice, in a cocktail, or as a shot!

– Razzledazzle Vodka ($5.50) (a Sara Crouch creation!)
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